Cory’s Final Argument: Respecting Voters, Teens, and Teachers

The Aberdeen American News published my final 2016 campaign newsletter today:

November 2016 campaign newsletter #2

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My opponent and I disagree on several important policy issues that have come before the Legislature in just the last two years.

Referred Law 19 (2015 SB 69): My opponent voted to take away your right (if you belong to a political party) to sign petitions for independent candidates. I will vote No on RL 19 to protect your rights and  the ability of independents to get on the ballot.

Referred Law 20 (2015 SB 177): My opponent voted to cut the minimum wage for our kids. I will vote to protect young workers’ ability to earn money for college and for their families.

2016 House Bill 1182: My opponent and I both supported the Governor’s plan to raise sales tax to fund teacher pay. However, I supported an alternative Democratic plan that would have exempted food from sales tax, made teacher pay more competitive, and laid less tax burden on the lowest 20% of South Dakota income earners.

2016 House Bill 1008: My opponent voted to punish transgender kids with heavy-handed government decisions about who goes potty where. Governor Daugaard vetoed this mean and distracting bill, and I applauded our Governor for doing so. I will protect all students and all South Dakotans from discrimination.