Cory’s Positions on All Ten Ballot Measures

Expect long lines at the polls: folks may breeze through the candidates, but they’ll need to take their when they get to the ballot measures and read each description carefully. If you study the ballot measures beforehand and bring a “cheat sheet” to remind you which is which, you can help keep voting moving on Election Day

Since the beginning of my campaign, I have handed every voter I’ve met a card with my positions on all ten ballot measures. Here’s a copy of that card, revised to show the ballot measures in the order they’ll appear on your ballot:


You can copy and use that card as your voting-booth cheat sheet. Heck, even if you totally disagree with me (and I have yet to meet any voter who disagrees with me on all ten issues), you can bring this card with you and just vote the opposite! Either way (or any way in between), a card like this can help you vote more confidently and efficiently.

To read the text of each ballot measure, review explanations of each measure, and see videos in which I talk about each initiative and referendum, check out my Ballot Measures page on Dakota Free Press. And if you have questions about the ballot measures, feel free to give me a shout! I’m happy to help voters understand these ten measures so they can make up their own minds.