Independent Voter: Cory “Exactly the Type of State Senator I Want”

Local independent voter Joe Berns speaks well of me in this letter to the editor:

I am writing in response to recent mailers distributed by the South Dakota Republican Party. They claim that Cory Heidelberger, a candidate for District 3 Senate, is a dangerous and rough individual, and that he is somehow unfit to interact with or make laws concerning children. This is patently false and, bluntly, a disgusting defamation of character. The fact is the information, quotes and pictures in this small propaganda piece were all taken wildly out of context and combined to create an untruth.

I will personally vouch for Cory Heidelberger.

I have gotten to know Mr. Heidelberger over last few years and can say he is a man of incredible integrity. I’ve met his family and know what a loving father and husband he is. He is smart. Cory is a deep thinker on the one hand, yet also a pragmatic problem solver on the other. He is a man of sound principle. He believes in and fights tooth and nail for truth, for justice and for liberty.

There’s a definite sense of fear that some established politicians in Pierre have of Cory. In some respect, they may be right to fear; he is a power-to-the-people kind of guy, which may not sit well with legislators who have voted numerous times to curb the people’s access to the democratic process. Cory, meanwhile, is an unabashed supporter of initiative and referendum and supports the voice of the people of South Dakota.

Cory Heidelberger is exactly the type of state senator I want representing me in Pierre.


Aberdeen [letter to the editor, Aberdeen American News, 2018.10.08]

Thank you, Joe, for your support!