I’m running for South Dakota Senate because I love South Dakota, and I see our Legislature failing to do right by South Dakota. Here are the three biggest issues motivating me to go to Pierre and make a difference for you and for all of South Dakota:

Defending Voters: The Legislature needs to respect us voters. When we pass a ballot measure like the minimum wage increase and “any willing provider” health insurance law of 2014, we should be able to count on legislators not to tinker with or undo what we’ve done. The Legislature should make it easier for all South Dakotans to vote, to refer and initiate laws (and we have ten such ballot questions to vote on in 2016), and circulate petitions and run for office. Instead, our current Legislature has acted as if it fears and loathes real citizen democracy. I want all of us South Dakotans to vote and to have lots of good choices when we vote. When you send me to Pierre, I’ll fight to protect the initiative and referendum, the petition process, and every South Dakotan’s right to vote.

Supporting Education: Our public schools are the foundation of everything good that happens in South Dakota. If we don’t have good public schools, we don’t have economic development, vibrant cultural life, or healthy democracy. Yet for thirty years, our Legislature has let our teacher pay languish at last in the nation. Our Legislature’s long neglect of K-12 education has led to a critical teacher shortage that threatens the quality and survival of our public schools. When you send me to Pierre, I will fight every Session to make sure we pay teachers what they are worth—and what our kids and our future are worth.

Fighting Corruption: GEAR UP and Mid-CentralEB-5 and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Secretary Gant, lost iPads, and the stolen state flag. Those scandals broke out because serious oversight and accountability have disappeared during two generations of one-party rule in Pierre. Our Legislature could drop the hammer on corruption by asking tough questions and demanding answers. Instead, our current Legislature too often distracts us with frivolous culture-war bills while corrupt cronies pick our pockets. When you send me to Pierre, I’ll be a watchdog, not a lapdog. I’ll work as hard as I have on my blog to expose corruption, hold government crooks accountable, and make sure we get the most bang for our tax bucks.

You can find many of my policy positions and proposals on my blog Dakota Free Press. If you’d like to know what I think about a specific issue, check the blog or just give me a shout, and I’ll be happy to compare notes on that issue with you and talk about what we need to do about it for the good of all South Dakotans.