This Week’s Big Event: Don Briscoe Hosts District 3 Senate Candidates on KSDN Friday 4 p.m.!

The big story in this week’s campaign newsletter is the appearance of our District 3 Senate candidates on The Don Briscoe Show on Hub City Radio’s KSDN AM 930 on Friday, November 4, at 4 p.m….

November newsletter, Issue 1

…or at least the appearance of one candidate, me. Veteran broadcaster Briscoe invited us both back in September for this prime drive-time opportunity to talk to voters before the election. I accepted the invitation immediately; as of this writing, my opponent, Rep. Al Novstrup, has still not committed to coming on air with Mr. Briscoe.

Friends, neighbors, I’ll be on the air regardless to take Mr. Briscoe’s question. I welcome Rep. Novstrup’s participation in the program, if he’s willing to face the voters with me.