Video: Heidelberger and Novstrup Debate on KSDN

Ever since Don Briscoe invited us District 3 Senate candidates to appear on his radio talk show, I’ve been looking forward to the chance to talk to District 3 voters live on air. I’d also been hoping that Rep. Al Novstrup would accept the invitation as well, since voters deserve to hear their candidates side by side: live, in-pepson debate is one of the best formats in which voters can compare, contract and choose who they think can best do the job.

I committed back in September to the November 4 interview. Unfortunately, Al balked, first saying he wasn’t sure The Don Briscoe Show would fit into his schedule, then asking Don if he could have a different moderator or a second moderator in the studio. After weeks of negative publicity for hs balky demands, Al changed his mind and showed up at the last minute yesterday, without even alerting the host, to join me for an hour-long interview with Don on KSDN AM 930.

Al came armed with a folder full of the negative attack postcards and ads his party has run on his behalf. Rather than repudiating these negative attacks, Al embraced them and used almost all of his time to press them…

…which is fine with me, since I can beat every one of those attacks as I lay out my practical and moral vision for good policy in South Dakota. Al was so ruffled by my responses that he ultimately had to resort to Trump-like interruptions.

But hey, see for yourself: Hub City Radio has posted the in-studio video of the interview! The program begins at timestamp 9:40:

Watch, analyze, share with your friends, and post your comments and questions about our debate on my Facebook campaign page!